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10 Days of Reflection

First off, Shana Tova!  (That is a wish for a prosperous Year!)

Today is the Jewish New Year and the beginning of my favorite rituals of the year.  For the next ten days we (and you if you wish) can focus on releasing old patterns, mistakes, wrong actions, and mis-steps from the past year.  We (and you can) place a spotlight of focus on our inner selves looking at what needs to shift and taking the space to ask for help in making that happen.

This year, New Year falls spot on this New Moon (last night) in Virgo with the Super Eclipse energy…and this is ALL ABOUT committing to our inner work.

I have never been religious, but since I can remember this ritual of letting go has been a powerful reckoning in my life.  It’s a time of year I look forward to.  Of course, I used to be in an environment that supported letting go because it was Autumn, and being on beautiful Kaua’i doesn’t have that same energy of dropping leaves…but the intent is still the same.

So, if you’d like to join me and the countless others for the next ten days who will be focusing on how we can raise our vibration to a higher level, step more firmly into our purpose path by letting go of the anchors that keep us moored to our old ways, our old thoughts,  our old patterns.  Focusing on our motivations so we can truly understand the nature of the ego that has us locked in repetitive pattens, and finally, step free from them.

It’s easy really, and now that I live on the beautiful Hawaiian islands I have picked up some other amazing traditions…but starting today I am performing Ho’oponpono for ten days.  Ho’oponopono is the practice of making right right.  It’s about calling to attention anyone or anything I may have hurt or wronged and asking for forgiveness.  For ten days I will unearth my last year and look for what I could have done better, and then, with any luck, start making that my practice.

I, personally, have so much to be grateful for.  So much love in my life that sometimes it takes my breath away.  So much joy that sometimes it feels like my feet aren’t touching the ground.  And so for me, this particular New Year is about letting go of (I’d like to say the rest of) me that steps out of the flow of trust.

Yes, I will be making amends for everything I said or did that was out of my personal integrity, but for me, diving even deeper into what separates me from unwavering trust is the energy I’m ready to let go of.

So Shana Tova friends!

On day 10, known as Yom Kippur, or the day of atonement, there is an option to fast if you wish from sunset to sunset…but more important for me is the physical act of letting it all go.  I go to the water and I throw it all away.  Traditionally bread is used, but when I lived in Seattle I used stones, and now I use shells and coral.  I meditate on each chakra one by one.  Balancing it, releasing any energy that’s ready to go and then throw the shell into the water to be purified and let go.  I do each 7 chakras, a special piece of coral for my mind, and a very very special shell to represent the Earth and everyone who walks upon it, making my final wish about the Earth community!

From my heart to yours I wish you a truly beautiful year filled with love, joy, friendship, prosperity and trust!

And just in case this feels like the right time to dive deeply into your purpose path…for the next ten days my Life Purpose Numerology Readings are deeply discounted to $100 as a New Years gift to you!  Just mention this blog post when you sign up and wish me a Happy New Year and the special is yours!

Big blessings and an abundance of Aloha!